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Morten Leine
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Even though the subject is from the wet element, my abstract sand photography lets you make your own interpretation of the image. The interaction that takes place between the sea and the sand is frozen in that moment in time – one second forever captured.

My sand images might bring you closer to the mysterious interaction between sea and sand.

We always pursue what will happen next. So let’s stop for a while. Watch the unique motives that emerge. There and then you are a part of the interaction between waves and sand, or – if you like – between water and grains of sand. In that moment you are really in the here and now. Time stops for a few seconds, as the wave and the sand makes you a new design.

My sand images have not been manipulated. Neither do they have their own title. This is because I do not want to confine, or provide a guide to what each image illustrates.

As people, we are a part of nature’s interaction. The waves against the sand goes in a rhythm, in – out, in - out. People breathe in the same way. If we stress down – and are in the here and now – there is so much around us for us to take part in, but we are continually on our way to the «next thing» in life.

The pictures are taken between waves.